Thursday, February 4, 2010

container color at the mall

Last weekend we went on an emergency shopping trip to Cascade Station. I’ve been set free from the crazy ugly protective stormtrooper boot I’ve been wearing since the cast came off, but my foot and ankle are so swollen and puffy that trying to squeeze it into one of my regular shoes is absolutely impossible.
Heading into DSW this colorful combination caught my eye. Nice huh? Simple and classy.
Adding a bit more color and interest… bloom!
During this time of year, in an “open air mall” like this one, I expect to see pots of pansies or worse yet decorative kale and cabbage. It’s so nice to be pleasantly surprised!
Unfortunately there wasn’t a shoe in the place my puffy foot could squeeze into. I’ve resorted to wearing my gardening Crocs as fashion footwear, scary.


  1. Do you know if the Japanese maples stay there for the summer, or are replaced with something more seasonal. I have gone back and forth on my feelings for ornamental cabbage and kale. I do like 'Redbor' kale and I always plant giant red mustard.

  2. Striking! It will look even better as the maples get bigger.

  3. It seems like commercial plantings around here have really improved in recent years. Less pansies and decorative cabbage all the time. Yes!

  4. Great find. It almost looked manufactured, the color is so red. -- Matti

  5. Les, I don't know if they stay or are replaced. The only thing I remember ever noticing about this particular mall's landscaping before was the dead Flax everywhere. I'll keep an eye out.

    How It Grows, I didn't think of that but you are right (if they stay).

    Megan, agreed! I remember walking around the Pearl before we moved here (just down for a vaca). I was soooo jealous of the plants that were happily growing in the big planters along Couch street by Whole Foods and Sur la Table. Funny it sounds like zone envy is in my blood, where ever I live I am envious of the warmer zones.

    faroutflora, that must have been why it caught my eye!


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