Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Who needs a security system?

Part of my continuing series on our October trip to California…
After spending a week traveling down through California we finally ended up in Fillmore, a small city about an hour north of Los Angeles. My husband’s brother and family live in Fillmore and we had a new niece to meet! Fillmore would be our weekend hangout.
A few years back, during my first visit, on a walk around the downtown area we happened upon this mass wild planting of Agave americana variegata. I was excited to find it was still there and even bigger than I remembered.
My husband stayed in the car while I hopped out to snap a few pictures. Isn’t it amazing and also a little menacing?I wasn’t paying any attention to the people in the building, on the other side of the windows, until one of them came out to find out what I was up to. Once I assured him I was harmless and only interested in the agaves he seemed to relax. He told me that he loved the agaves because they kept him from having to purchase a security system or put bars on the windows. Good point! Who’s crazy enough to crawl over a wall of agaves?


  1. Hey, I never thought of that! They have to be big ones, though. Geez, what to they do when it's time to paint the buildings or, god forbid, replace a window?! Hilarious!

  2. What perfect environmental design! And they're just beautiful, too.

  3. LOL. The one thing people appreciate agaves for in the Caribbean is for passive security. In some islands its planted along fences and walls, and under windows.

  4. I bet the guy was like WTH is that woman doing??? lol

  5. "Who’s crazy enough to crawl over a wall of agaves?" -- Well, I'm guessing someone like YOU! If there were more agaves on the other side, that is. :)

  6. How it Grows, I'm jealous!

    Karen, I bet there is a haz-mat suit involved.

    Jane, and there were several nice little pups in there too, I almost asked if I could take a couple!

    Nicole, it totally makes sense, I'd never thought of it!

    MTJulie, you're probably right. Usually people who live with them think those of us that go gaga over them are a little odd.

    Greensparrow, hey! What are you saying about me? Well, ok....you're right of course!

  7. I love agaves, but these big ones are pretty scary!

  8. Agaves as security. Sounds like a good idea. Until you need to escape OUT your window.


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