Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A trip to Arizona, macro-view

In the comments on my post below, about the "faux" trip to Arizona, Pam asked about an overall shot of the landscape. What an omission! As I was posting the pictures I realized I only had one, and it didn't really tell the story. So I stopped back by tonight. Here are a few more pictures.


  1. It's even better from afar. Not just a collection of pretty plants, the overall landscape really flows. Glad you went back for another look.

  2. Megan, ya the shots aren't great...the time of day that I can be there brings way to many shadows but at least you can kind of get the idea.

    Nicole, exactly!

  3. DG~~ Someone with supreme talent lives there...or employed a supremely talented designer. This is what happens when vision and discipline collide. Very cool.

  4. Absolutely stunning! I'd never have guessed this was in Oregon if I'd seen the pictures without the context. The plants are quite mature, so I guess it's been there for a while, eh?


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