Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year! Let's go for a nature walk...

Can you believe its 2024? I sure can't. There was a time when New Year's Day meant recovering from an epic hangover, thanks to crazy NYE parties with friends. However now that I'm an old married lady, not so much. Getting out for a peaceful walk seems ideal, something we did yesterday—the last day of 2023—but since I've had these images in waiting for a couple of months, today seems like the perfect time to share them...

It was early November and Andrew and I were out at a spot called Wildwood Recreation Site in the Mount Hood National Forest. He was fishing and I was walking. There were so many picturesque mushrooms...

And moss, of course...

The area felt so remote, but this picnic shelter seemed rather urban-hip.

Andrew and I parted ways on the left side of that bridge. I always think I'm going to see him casting at the edge of the stream, and I'm a little worried when I don't.

Mahonia and ferns, proof I am in the Pacific Northwest.

I'm further upstream now, while Andrew was headed downstream.

This little woolly bear was one of five I saw that day. She (?) was making fast tracks across that rock.

I walked a distance to eventually join up with the Boulder Ridge Trail. The scene changed dramatically based on whether my phone camera is pointed up...

Or down...

But it was all breathtaking. I'll end with an odd colored mushroom and my wishes that you had an enjoyable end to 2023 and a great first day of 2024...

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  1. Your fungi are many and varied. I love photo #4. I hope Andrew caught some fish (but that you didn't have to gut them). Happy new year, Loree!

    1. It's kinda sad, but I can't remember if he did or not! I never have to gut them, as he's catch and release only. Happy New Year!

  2. A perfect post to start the New Year. I am always drawn to shelf fungus. Love the striations as they grow. Let's hope for a great gardening year, good weather and a little bit of peace in the world.

  3. I hardly recognize the young me, participating in New Year's parties. These days I get excited over lichen covered branches and more inclined to immerse myself in nature, be on the lookout for moss and mushrooms... who'd have thought.

    1. Right? I definitely have become a different person as I've aged, I suppose it's inevitable isn't it?

  4. These pictures are stunning. All those mushrooms and moss, such a great walk you had.
    An excellent post for the New Year!

  5. One of my few regrets is not spending the time to practice the mushroom identification skills that I learned in grad school many years ago. I used to participate in mushroom forays, but I've always been plant focused and we all have to make decisions where to spend our time. Given an unlimited lifespan and a memory upgrade, I would so go down the rabbit hole to learn more about insects and fungi.


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