Friday, December 30, 2022

Bark, and art, and spikes, and stuff

Early in December COVID finally hit our household as Andrew tested positive. I figured there was no way I'd manage avoid it, so my season of holiday cheer was put on hold. I waited, and waited and somehow manage to NOT get sick. I still don't understand exactly how—but I do know that after too many days housebound with my sick husband I finally had to break out and stretch my eyes, destination Pomarius Nursery!

There was no parking to be had right around the nursery, which was good because I ended up next to the Fitzgibbons building and took advantage of the dry weather to walk around and check out the plantings, the work of Sean Hogan and Cistus Nursery.

These Yucca rostrata were hacked badly back in 2015 (photos here), I was happy to see that they'd grown out of it.

Looking at this photo I'm now wondering if this might be a Yucca schottii, rather than a Y. rostrata...

Aren't they adorable spiky fluff balls?
Across the parking lot is this Lyonothamnus floribundus subsp. aspleniifolius (Catalina Ironwood).

Such a good looking tree...

More bark of interest, on a nearby eucalyptus.

I've walked down to Pomarius now and I'm rather awestruck by this Willy Guhl planter turned into a fountain. Damn!

The mossy/algae patina is just to die for... 

At the other end of the nursery were these pieces by artist Dustin Gimbel.

I hadn't seen them for awhile, it was a nice surprise to come upon them like this.

Making my way to the greenhouse to pay for my purchases (a hardy ground orchid, Bletilla striata!) I spied this perfectly spiky Agave 'Blue Glow'...

Which was only (slightly) outdone by this Agave 'Snow Glow' (I think) which I spotted later in the day outside another plant shop.

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  1. Oh man, I didn't know Andrew got Covid. Hopefully a full recovery for him. Interesting you skated by - do you think vitamin D has anything to do with your immunity? Very curious....Anyhow, that Catalina ironwood - I still want one after you suggested one for my garden. Still considering it! Happy New Year to you both!

    1. He does appear to have made a full recovery, thank goodness. Interesting you mention Vitamin D. He takes supplements and I don't (although there is some in my multivitamin).

  2. I'm sorry Andrew got Covid but glad to hear that you managed to sidestep it. That planter turned fountain is wonderful with its natural embellishment. The Agave 'Snow Glow' is on my wish list - I can't remember ever seeing it in a local nursery/garden center.

    Best wishes for a happy - and healthy - new year!

    1. It's definitely a hard agave to find, and expensive when you do!

  3. I really like Dustin Gimbell's work! Beautiful Agaves, too. Happy New Year!

  4. Oooh yes, what a fantastic Catalina Ironwood. Those last two agaves are exquisite. I have to admit, I did blunt the edges of my path side cordylines a couple of years ago. I was worried about the kids, but in reality it was me that went & spiked my bloomin' eye on one :0 ! Now that they are above head height, they are happily left to their own devices. Funny how some members in families seem immune to the Covid isn't it. Hope you are both well. Lulu of Long Mizzle :)

    1. I snipped the tips of the large agaves our mailman has to walk by, but that's all I'm doing! ;)

  5. That Catalina Ironwood with the fabulous bark... what a looker! The eucalyptus too, striking a glorious pose.
    I'm charmed by the "planter turned fountain"... you are probably thinking how to recreate the idea in your garden. (Me too).
    It's a shame about Andrew. I hope he is well on his way to recovery by now, to start the new year right. (Covid got me while in London in October... I thought I caught the flu!). Wishing both of you plenty of health and a happy new year!

    1. Thanks for the well wishes and sorry to hear that you got COVID while away from home, that definitely would SUCK!


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