Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The first wreath of the season

It's that time of the year, when photos of fresh protea wreaths start popping up all over the internet. I swoon, then my DIY attitude kicks in and I remember and there's no way I'm going to drop a C-note or more on a wreath. However my collection of dried protea flowers was getting a little out of hand...

As is my tillandsia collection. Hmmm. So I took down the protea and moved up a few tillandsia.

After grabbing a few other dried protea blooms from around the house, this is the inventory I came up with.

The large flowers and delicate ferns along the top row went back into a couple of vases, but the rest were sorted for size/style and then I made bundles, using the blooms and fresh greens that I'd purchased for this project.

There are a few ginger blooms—alpinia purpurata I believe—in there too.

Wreath making tip: save little pieces like these. Once you hang the wreath there will be a few spots that need extra filling. Just tuck them in.

As I worked this was my view out the front door. Colorful! Oh and those stems you can see in the bucket. I didn't use them. They're awaiting use in the next wreath I make, more of a Christmas theme.

Almost done...


It's not as luscious or colorful as the protea wreaths featuring newly cut blooms, but I love it just the same.

I had every intention of putting this on the outside of our front door, like the last dried protea wreath I made. But once I was done I realized it was too thick to fit between the wood door and the glass security door.

Oh well! I can see it better on the inside anyway. This way I get to enjoy the furry petals.

As well as the other textures and colors.

Working on Monday's blog post it occurred to me just how predicable I am in my need to create. Can't make things (circles) to hang on the fence in the garden? Then make wreaths (circles) to hang indoors instead! 

I hope all of my American readers have a lovely Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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  1. Beautifully done! I don't know why I've never thought to save my Leucospermum flowers for future use. I recently bought wire to use in making wreaths, although I've no specific plan in mind. You have me reconsidering whether I should've saved some of the spent artichoke flowers I tossed in the recycle bin this week. Maybe a rescue is in order before the bin goes out for collection!

    1. Have you ever thought about making a fresh leucadendron wreath from your plants? They dry so nicely.

  2. Can’t decide which I like more: the wreath or the wonderful cabinet full of containers and plant material. The dried flowers seem more autumnal and seasonal to me for a wreath that’s pre-Christmas.

    1. Ya it's definitely a great autumn/Thanksgiving look. A friend mentioned on Instagram that she's seeing spray painted and glittered protea wreaths, I guess that would be a way to Christmasize it. As you can guess I will not be doing that.

  3. That's a great wreath. I have plenty of those dried Protea flowers out in the garden, but zero wreath-making ability. Will admire yours instead.

    Fabulous view out the front door, too. A picture in a frame--door frame in this case.

    Happy holiday to you and Andrew.

    1. I refuse to believe that you can't make a wreath! I bet it would turn out lovely. I hope you and your beloved enjoy the day.

  4. A wonderful up-cycle of your dried protea blooms, keep letting the creative juice flowing. It's better to have it hanging on the inside where you can see it more, and BTW, I love the vintage door hardware!
    Like Linda, I find the cabinet's treasures intriguing: Andrew's art, the vase collection, all the dry bits. I bet every shelf has post-worthy stories to tell...
    Happy Thanksgiving

    1. There are lots of treasures tucked in that cabinet, maybe a future post?

  5. You have the creative itch and you put it to fabulous use. The wreath is gorgeous. I don't have the knack nor the patience to make wreaths. The only I have done was so heavy it wouldn't hang on the door.


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