Wednesday, November 2, 2022

That's a lotta (controlled) color...

This is the third garden I visited back on September 18th. The day started at Susan's, then proceeded to Harry's, and wrapped up here at the Fishingham Garden...

I've long followed this garden's owners on Facebook (Jeff Fisher and husband Ed Cunningham = Fishingham) but thus was my first "in-person" visit...

Thanks to countless Facebook photos of the garden I was prepared to see color, and a lot of it. Yet I also knew it was a very controlled palette. This zinnia fits right in, as does the sign above. The front garden is only a primer for what we'll see in the back garden. 

I really should have sat in one of those chairs. Does it feel like the bananas are going to eat you alive? Or is it just an illusion? 

This trellis idea is simple genius. Rebar wired together with caps on the end to keep you from putting a eye out.

So good!

It's a very friendly garden.

I'm about halfway to the back garden now, but looking out to the front and the gate I just passed through.

Up at the passionflower...

And out at the back garden!

I was very jealous of this patio off the back of the house. 

And the lights strung all around.

More rebar called into service.

Do you see what I mean about the controlled color palette? I asked Ed if there was ever a desire to break out of the chartreuse and orange thing they had going and got a definite nod. A little blue and purple have been allowed in, but only in very small doses. 

These ceramic flowers were a favorite of mine.

They're from VivaTerra. Jeff and Ed had a handout available with the names of the companies they'd purchased their garden accessories from.

Of course we know the circle pot came from Potted!

Many of the other things in their garden reminded me of JJ DeSousa's shop Digs.

Headed back out front now...

And a few shots from the public sidewalk level.

Thanks for opening your colorful garden Jeff and Ed, it was wonderful to finally meet you!

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  1. The banana "grove" with the grassy plants underneath is strikingly effective. (Or is it just me?)

    I do envy a controlled color palette. Too bad I can't do it.

  2. "The Fishingham Garden", a cool name and now I want to name my garden too. Orange is a fabulous color in a garden setting, probably my favorite, but when I think about it, I don't have anything orange in the garden, except late summer crocosmia blooms. The chartreuse zinnia is fabulous, even better than the ceramic flower stakes, which I loved.

    1. That zinnia was just begging to have its photo taken!

  3. Colorful but also peaceful. Like HB, I wish I could be that restrained in my use of color, although I do try to at least organize the colors in my garden so they don't clash outright (except perhaps in my cutting garden). I'm surprised at how much I liked the ceramic flowers. I do have ceramic fish but mine are blue and usually hidden inside the ever-expanding Acacia 'Cousin Itt'.

    1. Getting pink and orange to play nice together is my biggest color challenge.

  4. How festive that garden is -I love everything about it. Those green chairs enveloped by bananas !

  5. Lovely job capturing the highlights of this delightful garden. I wouldn't have noticed the cool ceramic flowers had you not pointed them out. Good eye, Ms. Danger. Cheers


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