Monday, November 8, 2021

The Northwest Flower & Garden Festival returns and I'll be speaking...

Is it too early to be dreaming of spring? Nope! Not if you're as thrilled as I am that the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival is returning. 

The 2020 show was the last normal thing I did before the world ground to a COVID induced halt, and (naturally) the 2021 show was cancelled. However, come February 2022, the show will be back and I'll be there...
...and I'm giving not one, but two talks—as part of their fabulous seminar series!
I've been going to this show since I lived in Seattle in the 1990's. Back then I was a frustrated apartment dweller dreaming of owning land on which I could garden. If you'd have told that version of me that one day I'd be speaking at the show—based on a book I wrote—well I'd have fallen over laughing. The future sometimes unfurls in strange and wonderful ways, doesn't it? 

If you're able to get to the show I hope you can make it to one, or both, seminars, I'd love to see you there! Also there will be a book signing after each talk... so if you haven't already got a copy of Fearless Gardening you can buy it there and have me sign it. Oh, and if you're wondering about their COVID-safety protocols here's the current status...

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  1. Oh Yah Baby!
    I had the dates marked on my calendar a couple of weeks ago. I had hoped you'll have a display at the "City Living" space, but speaking engagements are the next best thing, congratulations. I'll be sure to coordinate my visit to catch your seminar.

    1. We will finally meet in person! (hopefully) Ya, I still haven't lost the dream of doing a "City Living" display, but this year it's not in the cards. Bringing everything up from Portland adds a complexity to it all, and having the looming "what if" (COVID cancellation?) hanging over my head just made it too worrisome. Maybe for 2023?

  2. Excellent! Congrats and enjoy the experience.

  3. So tempting! Yet also so far. I'm sure you'll get a great crowd for each talk and I look forward to seeing photos from the show.

  4. Good news. It is always surprising how different things turn out than we picture them. My whole career was something I never planned for or envisioned. Luckily my apartment had a yard which my landlord let me practice in!

  5. Congrats, Loree. Looks like a couple of fun talks you're giving. On with the show!


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