Friday, June 26, 2020

More from my visit to Old Germantown Gardens

I really only intended to take photos of the blooming lilies, but when faced with an extraordinary garden, well, pictures just kind of happen!

I believe this garden is 2-acres in size. The pair who garden here, Bruce Wakefield and Jerry Grossnickle, have been working this land for nearly 30 years. Every time I visit I am in awe of what they've created.

I had just talked with Bruce and Larry about the wildlife in the garden, and then this guy shows up. They have a deer fence but also deal with raccoons and rabbits. As I'm now dealing with a bunny that looks a lot like this one, I was all ears for any ideas they had for ways to keep my garden safe.

This beauty was identified as Podophyllum 'Red Panda'...and it's so red! Shockingly so. Makes my 'Red Panda' look like a dud.

Eucomis bicolor, I covet this patch of pineapple lily goodness.

Wollemia nobilis

This crazy chipmunk was determined to ignore me and get at all of whatever it was eating. So cute though. 

Finally, the xeric garden...
I was surprised to see these agave so overtaken by other plants. They look perfectly happy though, despite all the rain we've gotten over the last month. 
This one had a visitor that  was quite happy to stay put, not minding me one bit.
Time to head up that pathway...
Oh but first I must stop to admire the Nolia hibernica 'La Siberica' bloom, I'm sure it must have been more striking in it's heyday. Oh and it looks like a Yucca rostrata is going to be blooming too...

Of course I had to stop to admire all the agaves...

Up top now, by the house and greenhouse. A nice large space for entertaining.
Looking over the edge of the deck, back down at the garden.
And back towards where I was standing to take the first photo of this area.
Let's look in the greenhouse...

Dioon edule and Scadoxus puniceus...

Back outside...

Leucadendron 'Ebony'
And I'll end this visit with a Banksia grandis, compact coastal form. Pretty sweet, eh?

Weather Diary, June 25: Hi 84, Low 59/ Precip 0 

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  1. Such a gorgeous garden. There is a masterful use of form and texture going on throughout the garden. Would love to have a greenhouse like theirs (especially if came equipped with some of those plants).

    1. Ya that greenhouse is pretty spectacular, I never have asked them if they designed and built it themselves, or?

  2. A beautiful space with attractive hardscaping and textural gardens. The three plants in the last photo– green, silver and red are a wonderful example.

  3. For a while I thought this post would be the first ever without an agave :-D alas, you found them. Truly an extraordinary garden; that bench by the pond is so well placed, in a very serene spot, perfect for contemplations.
    That Podophyllum 'Red Panda' is a show stopper! Can be found in a 4" pot at Swanson's Nursery, if you'd like to part with more $100.

    1. Swansons prices can certainly be extreme.

  4. Heaven! This is the kind of garden I always dreamed of. I wanted 2 acres to garden in too but finding that in SoCal is difficult to say the least - and that's before the topic of how to pay for it comes into the discussion.

    1. I cannot even imagine what a property like this would cost in your part of the world!

  5. Color, texture, scale, contrast. Not a thing one considers in garden design and planting that they haven't aced. Makes me want to add more shrubs at the least.

  6. So good to see this garden again! Thanks, Loree -- and glad you had a break from lockdown in an amazing place.


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