Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Visiting the garden of John Bleck, part two

We're back at the Santa Barbara garden of John Bleck. Yesterday I showed you the sides of the back garden, along the edges, but skipped the center. Oh the center! There are lath structures chock full of plants in the center of the garden. Furthest out from the house is a square, four-sided structure. You can see one side of it below, where the lady in the grey vest is standing.

Here's another view of what she was looking at, in front of the guy in the white t-shirt. Behind him is the second structure which housed an amazing tillandsia collection and a work bench area.

Let's look closer at the four-sided structure first...

So many treasures!

This photo may help you understand how the four parts fit together. It's really one big square.

On to the tillandsia building...

And the work space...

And more tillandsia!

It was mind-boggling really.

I wonder if he has his entire collection cataloged?

Along one of the long perimeter side fences there was a series of benches loaded with potted specimens.

Agave parviflora, dwarf.

Those spines!

Alas all good things must come to and end, and this is the end of our look at John Bleck's garden.

Weather Diary, May 6: Hi 83, Low 51/ Precip tbd

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  1. Impressive structures and collection. Was there a watering apparatus for the tillandsia? Clearly he wouldn't drench them in the kitchen sink for a couple of minutes, as I do with my 4 baby tillandsia... Maybe just hose them down?

  2. Although I've given up on trying to keep Tillandsias alive, I do admire this wonderful collection. Especially that one long sheet that's hanging in your second to last photo of the Tillandsia collection (seven up from the bottom of the post). A fabulous garden, thanks for sharing your pictures from yesterday and today.

  3. Mind blown. Thanks so much for this extended tour.

  4. Hmm...I hadn't really considered mounting Tillandsias on the slats of my own lath house but it's a great idea. My slats run vertically rather than horizontally but I expect I can work something out. I suppose I should have requested a bigger lath house too...

  5. AnonymousMay 07, 2019

    So moved by magnificent obsessions such as this.

  6. The lath structure is a beautiful and efficient frame for Tillandsias; it would be a fantastic garden all by itself for a tiny urban space in the right climate.

  7. What I really liked about his collection is that most of the plants had enough room around them that you can appreciate the plant itself and not just the magnitude of the collection. Yes, this place is inspirational.

  8. With your last post, I thought it couldn't get any better and then this. So cool!

  9. Tillandsia heaven - a truly marvelous collection.

  10. The size of the collection is indeed overwhelming but there is something delightfully compelling when exploring such an amazing collection of plants. It's easy to see how addicting collecting can become.


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