Thursday, June 25, 2009

A walk to dinner

The other night we walked to a local restaurant for dinner. We are lucky to live in an area with multiple dining options within easy walking distance, and plenty to look at on the way. Remember the cactus bondage? I guess they finally gave up because these have taken their place.
I love any opportunity to check out what’s growing in the Kennedy School gardens. Last week they were planting a new area, the plants were in the ground but they hadn’t dug the hole deep enough as the top 2 - 3” of soil and roots were completely above ground level. It looked like the work of a newbie gardener not a seasoned pro. I should have known they were up to something; now they’ve mounded gravel around the base of each plant. Trying to keep the rain from pooling at the base and improve the drainage I’m guessing? Smart! There was a load of gravel dumped nearby so no doubt they’ll mulch the entire area. Love these big leaves. Based on the blossom my husband identified them as Sour Dock, something I am not familiar with but having grown up in Nebraska he knows all about, evidently it is an invasive there. The leaves don’t look right though (based on the picture in the link). I'm sure one of you has an ID?
When I see Alliums looking like these I kick myself for not having any in my garden. I know Lucy Hardiman spray paints hers fun colors, but I like them left natural.
I love Globe Thistle! Aren’t they just the cutest!?
This was the first Tetrapanax I remember ever noticing, it was about 3 ft tall then. Now it’s much taller and growing into the tree next to it. It’s also starting to spread. Some people might be tempted to help them out by digging and dividing. But that would be stealing, right?
I am no lover of roses but I really like this combo. These flax were pretty decimated last winter but making a great comeback. They were so tall previously that the roses weren’t able to ramble through like they are now.


  1. I love walking to places to eat (or shop for plants!) Yes, globe thistle are great: I miss the ones we had in our last garden. Is that Kennedy School I see in the background of the tetrapanax?

    I'm keeping almost all of my roses separated from the rest of the garden, so I guess I won't see the kind of mixup you've shown, unless the rambler I added this year manages to make it as far as the flaxes (if they even stand the test of time and next winter.)

    Thanks for reminding me I need to *walk* to my favorite local nursery, Pistils, this Saturday and get that musa basjoo that's been on my list for weeks...on second thoughts, maybe I'll need the car to haul it home!

  2. Hey, you live near the Kennedy School? How awesome is that! We stayed there once a while back, when our girl could stay in a portable crib in our room. We loved it and I remember really enjoying the gardens, although I still probably couldn't ID a sour dock (?) or a tetrapanax to save my life. Do you go to movies there? How fun! Glad the cactus escaped its bondage.

  3. The cacti in first pix look very nice! The young pad is so green and prickly ;-)

  4. I think those are ornamental rhubarb, although I haven't noticed them in bloom before, but the leaves appear right in your pictures, and I know they have several planted there. I always look at them when I drive by, and then I regret pulling mine out. For some reason I didn't like it where it was, but now I want one again.
    Alliums are one of those plants I always like in other people's gardens, but never consider growing in my own, not sure why.

  5. Let me know when you sort out that issue of stealing. I have my eye on a grove of Tetrapanax on the corner of Fremont and Alameda--at that newish condo place. They don't seem real attached to their garden, so how bad could it be?

  6. Jane, yes it is Kennedy School, a lot of these photo's came from there. How nice that you live within walking distance of Pistils, for some reason I thought you lived further out of the metro area. I vote for walking home with your Musa, think of the looks you'll get!

    Karen, we do live just a few of blocks from Kennedy School. Very handy for meals and movies as well as plant envy! We've yet to have any of our visitors stay there, although when we remodel our bathroom I think I might!

    Stephanie, I (of course) had to touch them and when they are that small they are softer than prickly. It's old age that makes you tough (hehehe).

    Megan, yes you are probably right about the rhubarb, thank you! I think I would be more apt to plant an Allium if the foliage amounted to anything but it is always such an eyesore.

    Patricia, I am going to have to check this out - somehow I've missed that and I drive right by there all the time. Once I size it up and evaluate the situation perhaps a little night time "gardening assistance" will be in the cards. Or not.


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