Monday, March 11, 2024

Vancouver BC Study Weekend, the Daykin Garden

Just for fun (and to frustrate the hell out of me) today's photos loaded in reverse. If it had to happen (and evidently it does) this is kind of an interesting garden for it to happen with. Walking through this gate is how I started my tour, but instead of that, we're going to keep walking up the driveway, which means we're going to the left in this photo...

Following the hedge on the right.

Where we come to the front door and this terribly cool porch.

As you probably figured out from the title of the post, this garden was part of the Study Weekend event I attended last June in the Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) area. From our tour booklet: From the curb Rosie Daykin's home may appear to unassuming, but therein lies its beauty. The cookbook author and interior designer utilized the property to its fullest advantage by separating it into four distinct zones, allowing her to play with scale and texture in unique and interesting ways. With inspiration pulled from her various travels, most notable to the English countryside, Rosie's wild and whimsical garden is filled with surprises that are sure to delight.

Of course we don't actually go in the front door, but we keep walking under the carport (porte-cochère?) you saw in the second photo.

And come out overlooking the back garden. The grey "cages" are chicken coops.

We're descending into the garden now.

Down those stone steps.

Inside the greenhouse...

And outside.

Towering trees above it all.

I'm taking this photo standing on the patio you see in the 5th photo from the beginning, the first one in the back yard.

A better look at part of the chicken coop.

A couple of the tenants on a walkabout.

Once you pass the chicken coop area and go up a couple of steps you're in a side garden space with raised vegetable beds and lots of potted plants.

Don't these look delicious? I was the first person to walk through this garden on that Saturday morning, I hope those that came later resisted the temptation to snack.

Everything in this garden was so crisp and tidy, I felt like I was walking through a magazine spread.

Now I'm going up the stairs (we'll call it up, I mean I was actually going down into this space when I took this photo, but since we're going backwards through this garden in this post...up it is) to another level.

At the top now, looking down...

And into the front garden.

And this vignette is what you'd see coming out of the gate that started the post. 

If you want to see the garden the way I walked through it, now page back up through the post enjoying the photos in the order I intended them to post. On Wednesday we'll tour another Vancouver garden but we'll go the right way around then.

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  1. This is a meticulous garden, beautifully structured. The vintage metal pots are gorgeous, and I love the greenhouse: not too large and gently incorporated into the space. Kudos for keeping the towering conifers.

    1. I read a critique about those conifers in a conversation over on my dg Facebook page. The "skirting up" of the trees was called "horrible". I wonder if those folks have ever tried to garden under low-branched conifers? Would it be better to have taken them out? Ugh.

  2. I was surprised at how much I loved this garden. It's more formal in its structure than those that usually appeal to me but then the neatnik in me appreciated it from beginning to end. I especially liked the front stairs and porch.

    1. I LOVED the front stairs and porch so much. Such a great treatment that would make me smile every time I came home.

  3. Pretty spotless and pretty garden. I also have that experience of photos loading in reverse. Anyhow, a lovely and meticulously manicured space. Beautiful.

    1. Glad you enjoyed, and thanks for the spelling correction!

  4. For a sense of scale, the Study Weekend speakers' dinner was held at a long table on the patio in picture 5, for 24 people, with food and servers at the far end. Truly a lovely space.

  5. This is how meticulous I wish my own garden was. Very impressive, I especially like the chicken coop.

    1. I do wonder what level of perfection they hold themselves to when the garden is not on tour.

  6. I sat in those comfy chairs by the front entrance for awhile. Yummy snacks/drinks there as I recall. Very generous owners. It was like a magazine spread, and I got the feeling it looks like this most of the time.

    1. They were brining out those snacks as I arrived, really nice people!

  7. There are elements I like, but I would be softening the edges a bit more (less meticulous) and that is waaay too much gray for me - I find it depressing. I'm just imagining the long winters with the gray up in the clouds and the gray everywhere down below. I would add some bright vivid red or orange pots, or perhaps more color on the painted wood or wicker surfaces. But, that's just my lens. Otherwise, really, this is an excellent and really interesting lay out. Love, love, love the towering Thuja. Really cool chicken pens too.


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