Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rumor is that spring arrives Friday, March 20th

But you wouldn’t have known it from last weekend’s weather. Cold, rainy and very windy. So to appease my need to play in the dirt, I spent time repotting and dividing plants that needed a little more room for their roots. These are the tender plants (tender = not temperature hardy…there is actually nothing tender about these spiky guys) that spend the winter under light in our basement, protected from the rain and cold outside. Most of these could withstand our average winter temperatures but it’s the combination of cold with the rain that really gets them. Cold and dry they can do, cold and wet means a big rotten mess. While they certainly don’t thrive indoors they are happy there with adequate light and coolish temps until the weather warms and the rains subside and they can finally go back outside. Lets see that will be about July 5th …


  1. Beautiful photos! We'll see about that whole 'spring thing'!

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