Friday, July 5, 2024

Taking a vacation day...

I'm just not feeling it today. The heat, the holiday, the state of the union. I'm taking a vacation day and going out to talk to the birds in my garden, although mine are black crows instead of white doves (and I think I'll leave my handbag in the house). If you're reading in the U.S. I hope you had a good Independence Day without too many explosions. Stay cool and hydrated!

This is another of the many vintage photos Andrew has given me over the years.

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  1. I feel you there. Not an easy moment of time.

  2. What a moment! I'm referring to the vintage photo, not your need for relief from current circumstances...We had fireworks going off continuously from about noon yesterday (why do people shoot fireworks midday?!) to just after midnight yesterday, despite the fact that they're banned here except in the case of authorized, fire department supervised displays. It sounded like a war zone last night and today the smog is so thick I can barely see the harbor.

    Enjoy your time talking to the crows - at least they're smart.

  3. I've had some difficult moments lately, too, for various country/situation/personal reasons. I hope your Independence Day weekend will be pleasant from here on out. :)

  4. Since it's been 100 plus for the last few days it's lot's of watering and indoors after about 10am. I hate that. Already a couple of fires nearby but CalFire was on the case and none have spread too far. I am trying to stay away from news with limited success. Playing city building games in the hottest part of the afternoon helps-I have control over the land !

  5. Agree! I hope the crows picked up on your mood and were on their best behavior.


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