Friday, August 25, 2023

Plant adoption opportunities in Portland this weekend

Some of you may remember previous danger garden posts on Dale Latham's garden—for example this post from April of 2022 or this one from August of 2020. Here's an image from that 2020 post...

Dale has long been someone I looked to for inspiration when it came to The Great Migration (moving plants inside in the autumn, and back out in the spring). His garden heroics made my work seem small by comparison. That said, Dale has decided to pare things back and wants to find new homes for some of his large exotics. I thought my readers would be interested to see what he's ready to part with, and so I am sharing them here. Take it away Dale:

Homeless Exotics for Homeless Seniors...

My name is Dale Latham and I have several medium-huge exotic plants which are more suited to southern California’s Mediterranean climate. I am looking for good adopters who promise to keep them from freezing during the winter and help them thrive year round. The plants are “free” but I ask adopters to contribute the suggested amounts to the Permanent Housing Fund at the Northwest Pilot Project: NWPP finds permanent housing for homeless seniors in Multnomah County. Your donation is tax deductible and will be well-spent.

Plants are available to be viewed and adopted on Sunday August 27 from 1-5:00 at my home near NE 33rd and Fremont [in Portland], or by appointment after that. Contact me by email at for directions, let me know if there are particular plants you are interested in. I will NOT be available to show plants prior to August 27 and will provide my address via email at noon on August 27. 

The plants:
1. Beaucarnea- Pony Tail Palm. This is a beautiful specimen that is about 45 years old and MUST be adopted by an experienced gardener. Total height 10’ in a 2’ high pot that is 3’ square. Very heavy but I can help move it. Needs winter protection from temps below about 28 degrees. (I have several double pane wood windows that could be used for a winter greenhouse too.). Suggested NWPP donation: $200. 

2. SOLD! Sago Palm. Total height is about 9’ in a 2’ high pot that is about 3’ in diameter. Age is about 45 years old. This is a beautiful specimen that is about 45 years old and MUST be adopted by an experienced gardener. Needs winter protection below about 28 degrees. Suggested NWPP donation: $200. I will help move it. It is easily moved with a pallet jack which I also own and will give up for an additional $50 donation to Northwest Pilot Project. 

3. Cymbidium Orchid. About 24” high in pot. Suggested NWPP donation:$15

4. Cymbidium Orchid. Yellow blossoms in Spring. About 14” high in pot. Suggested NWPP donation: $15

5. Aloe Vera. About 18” high in cloth pot. Blooms in summer. Suggested NWPP donation: $15

6. Bird of Paradise in large pot. 7-10 blooms in later winter or early spring. Suggested NWPP donation: $40

7. Tree fern. About 10 years old and 4’ high in pot. Suggested NWPP donation: $50

8. Agave attenuata. 18-24” in diameter and about 4’ high in pot. Suggested NWPP donation: $30 [first photo shows it as it is in the garden now, second photo shows it in an earlier over-wintering so you can see the pot/base]

9. Clivia. 2’  high in pot. Lovely orange/yellow blooms in Spring. Suggested NWPP donation: $20

10. SOLD! Hairy Old Man Cactus 4’ high in cloth pot. Suggested NWPP donation: $20

11. Two privet topiaries (bunny and turkey) in ground. About 2’ high. These are hardy in Portland’s climate but they need a better home.  Suggested NWPP donation: $15 each.

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  1. Incredible plants at incredible prices. What a nice gesture.

    1. Dale LathamAugust 25, 2023

      Thanks Linda. The Northwest Pilot Pproject is an absolutely amazing nonprofit. It has been helping low income seniors find permanent housing for almost 50 years in Portland. It is very well
      managed and highly respected by its partners and clients. The money we raise for my plant sale will be deposited into a new fund that will fill an existing gap in the safety net and house specific individuals who would otherwise be homeless. Here’s some additional info about NWPP.

    2. Indeed it is, I am thrilled Dale identified such a great organization.

  2. What a wonderful win-win. That's fantastic he's doing this! Hooray for supporting homeless seniors as well as obtaining some special plants.

    1. Right? A super way to rehome some plants.

  3. Wow, what a wonderful plan! I love that Dale is offering the plants for rehoming in exchange for donations to a non-profit, especially one that seeks to provide housing for homeless seniors. I hope it raises gobs of donations. It's not practical for me to rehome any of those plants given the distance involved but I've made a donation to the NWPP anyway.

    1. Thank you Kris, that' is a generous thing to do.

  4. Some amazing plants for an amazing organization. Good luck.

  5. I wish I could! I don’t have the interior space or heated greenhouse. I’m scaling back my zone
    9+ plants to a bare minimum after last winter’s assault. Some beauties there but with kids and cats, I’m out.
    Jim N. Tabor

    1. Ya, me too. I don't need to add to my Great Migration...

  6. Homes for seniors, people and plants. A wonderful, harmonious idea!

  7. Dale LathamAugust 28, 2023

    I want to thank Loree and everyone who bought or expressed interest in my sale. I raised $430 for NWPP, made new friends, and found homes for everything but the little aloe, the oddball topiaries, and the HUGE Beaucarnea I am determined to find the Beaucarnea a good home even if I have to give it away so please get the word out!


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