Friday, September 17, 2021

I went for a walk...

Today we're flashing back to Sept 2nd, when I decided it was time to go for a walk. I remember thinking when I could finally walk to McMenamins Kennedy School then I'd know life was returning to normal. It's just under a mile round trip, or about a mile when I weave my way up and down a few blocks. It felt mighty good to get out and walk just because I could...

Dried artichokes in a neighbor's side garden.

I remember when this Yucca rostrata at the entrance to the Kennedy School parking lot was just a wee thing. Now look at it, it's got a decent trunk.

Their Agave ovatifolia has recovered from it's ugly tween years.

Looking down the sidewalk towards 33rd Ave, I love the wild overgrown look of it all.

Yikes! A beheaded Schefflera taiwaniana. Me thinks it must have been burned badly during the June "heat dome".

The nearby tetrapanax don't seem to have suffered.

Who says you can't grow a large Yucca rostrata in a pot?

COVID-safe dining on the front lawn seems to have necessitated extra protection for the planting beds...

Oh! Amaryllis belladonna...

And sexy arctostaphylos legs.

This is the first place I ever saw the red fruit of the Cornus kousa and I remember being so amazed and curious. Thankfully I knew the gardener at Kennedy School, Erich Petschke, and he was always willing to answer my random plant questions. That's a nice Poncirus trifoliata growing underneath it.

A solid green Fatshedera? I might need this.

Somehow I've missed that there's a Pseudopanax x 'Sabre' growing near the back entrance to the building. How have I not seen this before?

Since this plant isn't known to be completely hardy here in my NE Portland area (and I planted mine out last year) I will keep an eye on this nice specimen.

Fern at the backdoor...

Cyrtomium falcatum (Japanese holly fern) I believe.

I drool over this one everytime I visit. Tucked in all nonchalantly when really it's a fabulous and hard to find beauty, Pyrrosia sheareri.

I've taken this photo a few times... this combo just keeps looking fabulous (mangave and arctostaphylos)...

Back over in the spiky corner things are looking grand.

So many agaves!

Almost done with the McMenamins property I stopped to admire the small veggie garden.

Tis the season...

Moving on towards home I was terrified to discover there are scorpions in NE Portland!

And what looks like maybe an alternative classroom?

I've seen rhododendrons eat houses but here's proof that bananas can do it too.

Security dog? I dunno, he's kind of flat. 

In case you're wondering he's guarding these opuntia.

California's Governor isn't the only elected official facing a recall. I'm not a fan of recall efforts but Ted definitely isn't acting in the city's best interest.

And just like that, I'm back at this garden which looks really familiar. Thanks for walking with me!

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  1. I enjoyed walking with you and the look of the overgrown sidewalk towards 33rd Ave. I had the same reaction, years ago, when I saw the fun red fruit of Cornus kousa. I love Dogwoods in bloom, and the fruit is an added bonus for a multi-season interest. Yet, the sexy legs of arctostaphylos win every time.

    1. Sexy legs every time! Well, when they're arctostaphylos...

  2. Oh, how I love the Arctostaphylos and Mangaves! The walk was terrific. And the pumpkin is to die for! Thanks, Loree!

  3. Your one-mile walk is much more interesting than mine. I sighed at the Tetrapanax - if the plants didn't perish under your "heat dome," how is it I'm unable to grow it? I hope my Yucca rostrata grows up to look like those you shared someday. Even now planted in the ground it's taking its time. I rather like the flat dog, which is probably the only kind I could get my husband (and Pipig) to accept.

    1. I too wonder why, especially when Denise seems to have no problems. Are you starting with a large enough plant?

  4. Nice neighborhood! Portlanders sure know how to garden.

    1. Yes many of them do. Unfortunately there are also those who do not. I don't share photos of those spots.

    2. Ha! Thank goodness for that!

  5. Oh, I so enjoyed this walk. I'm glad your life is getting back to normal. :) Through your blog and others, I have an idea of what my daughter sees in her new Portland neighborhood.

  6. I've never seen a photo of this garden that isn't gorgeous and inspiring. Love the dog and the dolls.

  7. That's a great garden to enjoy visiting so close to your home. Would be awesome to live within walking distance of the Huntington. A dream that won't happen, but a nice dream!


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