Friday, October 9, 2020

Doing the Cascade Nursery Trail...

After many years of intending to, I finally hit the Cascade Nursery Trail, or at least part of it. The full experience includes seven nurseries, I hit three on Saturday September 26th, during their Colors of Fall Festival. My first stop was Secret Garden Growers in Canby...

This is my third visit to SGG this year. After my visit in July, didn't think I'd be back out again this growing season. However, after how terrifyingly close September's fires were, well I felt the pull to get back out and celebrate the fact the nursery was still standing.
Hedychium coronarium

That foliage! I do love it...

But I don't really have a place for another loropetalum, "small" as it might be.

It was magical to see the sky, Pat (the owner of the nursery) didn't have to evacuate during the fire, but she came to close to it and shared photos of a dark red sky that was all sorts of ominous.

Acanthus senii

This eryngium is such a fabulously spiky plant...
The nursery was all decked out in it's late season finery...
Now we've arrived at the second stop for the day, Nowlens Bridge Perennials in Molalla. Looks like they were ready for the urban traffic passing through.

Old breeze blocks like these are a favorite, I wish they were still made.

Cyclamen coum, Silver Form—and most importantly not for sale, it was a stock plant.

Baby Cliffords! Aka Magnolia macrophylla.

Rodgersia pinnata 'Bronze Peacock'
I went all the way to the far end of the nursery to take this photo of the oaks and the blue sky.

And I'm glad I did because when I turned around I saw these...Comptonia peregrina, sweet fern, grown on a tall stem. Pretty cool...

I could be very happy with a tall cistern like that in my garden. (if that's even what it is)
The third (and final stop for the day) was at Out in the Garden Nursery, also in Molalla, a nursery I've shopped at plant sales, but never visited in person.

There was a sizable display garden, so I wandered for awhile...

That's a swing under the towering oak trees...

And there were urns, so many urns!
I think I've almost dug enough rocks in my garden to make a nifty wall like this.

Simple and lovely pathway bordered by tall ornamental grass.

That's a terribly cute chicken coup.

With terribly cute chickens!

A retirement project?

By the time I got to the plants I was starting to wind down. There were a few temptations though, like this oakleaf hydrangea. I keep managing to say no, but that foliage!!!

Nothing like a sign telling me to stay away to really get me interested.

Okay, here I am home with my (modest) haul...

I bought a pair of Blechnum chilense at Secret Garden Growers...

And one of those Comptonia peregrina grown as a standard came home with me as well. The foliage alone is reason enough, but those little catkins! Oh my...
Weather Diary, Oct 8: Hi 64, Low 58/ Precip 0 

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  1. I do miss a good nursery/garden ramble! I would take home the E. venustum and that cistern too -- you know, fold the back seats of the Mini down and make it all fit somehow...

  2. A trail of nurseries! That sounds like heaven.

  3. Cool...I would love to visit these nurseries myself, have never been to any. Next year if we are post-pandemic perhaps? I hope so. Thank you for the tour.

    1. OH you really need to get there! Have you been to Sebright? That's another of the Cascade Nursery Trail, but I didn't make it there, sadly.

  4. I wanted to go to all the nurseries but ended up going to just Seabright. I bought a 2 Zebra ferns and a Mangave'Man of Steel'. Who knew I would find a Mangave there. The pottery show was some of the best pottery I have seen. The gardens were gorgeous as usual even going into fall. I live in Medford so had a ways to go home that day.

  5. Thankfully, area nurseries made it through this hellish summer you had. I especially enjoy nurseries with display gardens: I get mentally lost wandering around, immersed in the possibility they present. If you only posted the photos of the oaks and blue sky, I would have been satisfied, anything additional was a bonus. I appreciate how my Amsonia (hubrichtii "halfway to arkansas") puts on "late season finery" without any effort on my part!

  6. Thanks for taking us with you Lori! I just love seeing all the garden centers even though most of those plants won't grow here in Phoenix. Makes me miss my homes in Rhode Island and New York State!

  7. Lovely post.It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to gardening here

  8. The schefflera is stunning


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