Thursday, October 24, 2019

Tatiana Maxwell's garden, a 2019 Fling stop

As our Fling bus approached this garden, the lead organizer, Judy Seaborn, told a story about jogging past it during a marathon she was participating in. She was so blown away by what she saw that she detoured off course, ran up to the front door, knocked and ask if the owner if she would consider opening the garden to 80+ bloggers later that year. Thankfully Tatiana Maxwell said yes.

When the bus stopped, and we bloggers poured off, I went the opposite direction that everyone else did. I'll make it over to the driveway entrance eventually, but I wanted to check out this green roof...

The house sits on a huge, open, corner lot, it would appear this is the actual "front door."

To the left was a stair-stepped egress of amazing proportions.

To the right what felt like a nice private sitting area—it wasn't until looking at my photos that I noticed the neighbor's window.

Walking around the corner in that last shot (above ^) I came to another large egress with a tiny walkway on the side. Obviously not meant as a pass-through space so I turned around.

Okay, heading back along the side of the property towards the driveway where everyone else went in...

En route to the driveway though I'll share a few of Tatiana's words from our Fling brochure: "The garden is an opportunity to engage with like-minded folks who care about the planet and appreciate the beauty of growing things...My plan was to create an organic, urban oasis that incorporated permaculture principals and creates the feeling of being cocooned in nature. I created the garden as I did for the love of growing things, for solace from the outside world, as a place to host events for causes that are important to me, to invite friends and family to access and enjoy, and to grow more of our own food." This bench is placed so passersby can stop and relax for a bit.

And here's the driveway, the access by which most of the bloggers made their way into the garden. If you saw yesterday's post you'll recognize that splash of purple on the right.

On the left a slightly sunken guest house.

And a nice greenhouse.

It seemed a little more like decorated space than actual greenhouse space.

Maybe she uses it in the spring for veggie starts?

Cause there was a nice veggie garden...

Stepping a bit back down the driveway, across from the guest house was this interesting opening in the rock wall.

Of course it needed to be investigated.

The passageway came out above a nice deep pool.

Pretty cool eh?

A wider view, photo taken looking over the rock wall once back on the driveway.

Now I've made my way all the way to the end of the drive.

The garage door...

And the studio. I would love to have that building to work in rather than our basement.

Between the house and studio...

Looking backwards...

Another purple clematis...

And the deep pool, from the other side.

That's a big, green lawn.

Yes ma'm...

Looking back at the house, and another green roof. If you're interested in moving to Boulder the place is for sale (here), thanks to my friend Patricia for finding the listing.

Weather Diary, Oct 23: Hi 61, Low 42/ Precip 0

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  1. It's a wonderful garden - and how I covet that greenhouse!

  2. I bet she uses the greenhouse as a winter getaway to escape the snow and cold. I know I would! The deep pool looks inviting on a hot day. And loved the stencil of Ganesha (remover of obstacles) on the garage!

    1. You're probably right about the greenhouse.

  3. There must be a lot of property there to hold all of those buildings plus garden lawn etc. Beautiful.

  4. Good lord! Too much house for me. The guest house is just about all I need, if I could keep the green house and veggie garden.

    1. Sure, you get the left side of the driveway and rent out the right side. But could you live in Boulder?

    2. I am not native Northwestern, or even american born for that matter. I'm a transplant. I'd like to believe I could live anywhere; like a weed :-D

  5. I remember that garden well, especially the waterfall with all the roses and the grotto.


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