Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Containers for your container gardening needs

The new Crate & Barrel catalogue arrived a couple of weeks ago and I was instantly enamored with the tall zinc square planters. I love a tall container that brings the plant right up to inspection level. If I was reading the text correctly these had the added feature of an insert, so (bonus) you weren’t filling the entire height of the pot with soil, AND that means extra drainage. I had to check it out.

Sure enough, there is a planter within a planter! The insert sets flush with the top of the tall planter.And both parts have drainage holes. Genius!The prices are pretty reasonable: 9.5 sq x 19.5 tall is $29.95 and 12.5 sq x 27.4 tall is $39.95.
Of course I love the bronze planters too, but they are a bit more expensive at $49.95, $69.95, $89.95 and $99.95. Zinc will do just fine thank you.
I was also happy to see they brought back the green earthenware planters from last year. I bought one of the small ones and ended up regretting only having one. Now I might have the opportunity to buy another. Opportunities are good.
Walking back towards my car the ever enticing windows of Anthropologie pulled me inside, they were celebrating spring too and had several fabulous containers to chose from.
Funny thing…I was very price aware at Crate and Barrel (where I was actually considering a purchase) but I realized when going through these photos I hadn’t looked at a single price at Anthropologie. Perhaps conditioning had already told me there was no way I was paying what they were asking? Still fun to look.
And I LOVE this metal planter, I remember falling for a similar one (minus the sticker) at the Smith & Hawken "going out of business sale" last summer.


  1. I saw those containers in the Crate & Barrel catalog and thought they looked perfect. I almost bought them sight-unseen, because in the past, I have waited too long and missed out. I held back then...but now you've got me thinking about them again!

    And I really like that Anthropologie orange pot with the incised plant leaves. I can imagine several plants that would look great in it.

  2. Really nice containers. I like those glass ones. And the long bench with little pots on top (by the window) - really nice.

  3. If your in search of containers in the Portland area, I would recommend The Gardeners Choice in Tigard. I worked there when I liked in the Portland area 3 years ago. I don't know how things are now but I wish that I would have bought more while I worked there. They may not be as trendy as some the other places but the price and quality were great. Hope this help!

  4. Hi Loree~~ I would kill for that last galvanized container. Don't hate me but a few years ago, I found a bronze planter like the ones you show, probably three feet tall, for a whopping $4.00 on clearance at Winco. It doesn't have the insert so I put a yard sale foot stool inside to prop up a plant. I laugh now because it was embarrassing hauling this extremely noisy contraption out to the car. Every time it made the slightest contact with another object it sounded like a manic gong on steroids. Even now I must situate it so it won't get bumped. If I see them again at Winco, I'll let you know. Every year they've got great planters at cheap prices. Do you have a Winco nearby?

  5. It must be in the air-I too bought planters,mine are from the Liberty of London for Target range (not to everyones taste) boldly florel ,and matching gardening gloves...fun

  6. I am horrible at container gardening but it's on my list of things to improve on this year. Those you show certainly are enticing!

  7. Jane, I'm still thinking about the C&B pots too...this is the kind of purchase that I could rationalize if I were employed. The pot at Anthro. that you refer to is gorgeous, even more so in "real life," but I've found it difficult to plant a pot that has so much decoration on it and have it look good. maybe something really simple?

    Evelyn, agreed!

    Thanks Jared! My friend Andrea has mentioned that nursery too, I guess it's time I checked it out (not that I really "need" more pots).

    Grace, excellent tip! I just looked up Winco and while there isn't one close they are definitely within driving distance should the need arise. I love your manic gong description!

    linda, I need to get myself to Target to see what they've got going on this spring!

    Karen, but it's so easy! Give it another try. And btw....don't worry about the agave, you should see some of mine! Not so happy.

  8. Again with the hot tips. The added bonus with those tall pots is that you get the look of a big one, but not the weight when it comes time to move them around. 30 bucks is a steal, I might have to go get a few.


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