Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a visit to the freeway nursery…

I pass this nursery on Highway 26 as I am headed out to Hillsboro to visit my friend Denise. It has a large sign that tells you what exit to take but by the time you see the sign it’s too late. I decided to actually plan a visit, looking it up in advance to get the directions.I love exploring a new nursery! I started at the far end and discovered it was their discount corner. I do love me a bargain! The sign said ‘Halfway to Heaven’ but to be honest I think most of the plants I was interested in already had their roots firmly planted in the great beyond.
This Agave victoriae-reginae was begging to be rescued, but even at 50% off it was still $19.99 and even I can’t rationalize 20 bucks on a dying agave.
They also had a ‘Bumps and Bruises’ section with chipped pottery and statuary. This $49 large terrazzo-esque container would be a steal at $25...
But it would require careful planting to conceal the chipped corner. Pass.
They do have quite an impressive (not chipped) container collection.
And some very tempting succulents! Not winter hardy here in Portland of course...
I’ve been flirting with getting a Ceanothus for quite awhile and this one caught my eye…”Evergreen groundcover 1 ft. high 6 ft. wide, it has blue flowers on dark green foliage” plus those beautiful red stems! Sold. And no, the 6ft wide part doesn’t scare me. It’s going where I’ve got the room for that.
Melianthus Purple Haze is another that’s been on my lust list (a wish list…only stronger) for awhile. But this one was pricey…so I passed.
The Purple Emperor Stonecrop had such fabulous color!
Speaking of fabulous color these Yuccas stopped me in my tracks, they were practically glowing!
Yucca 'bright star'…I guess this color is only a temporary thing, occurring when the temperature (cold) and light (bright) conditions are just right. It will revert to its normal yellow and green as it warms up. Still I couldn’t resist…
Toss in a couple small Euphorbia myrsinites (since I still can’t find any E. rigida!) and I’m feeling that this was a productive trip. Plus now I know how to get to the mystery freeway nursery for future visits!


  1. I've used that particular 7 Dees several times. For a while it was called First Light or something like that and I could never remember the name to look up their hours! Now, I'm relieved they've gone back to the more easily remembered (for my tired brain) group name.

    I'm excited you bought a ceanothus: the prostrate ones are beautiful. It might take a couple of years to really get spreading, but in Year Three - stand back! That yucca Bright Star coloring is wonderful. With any luck (and our crazy winters?) it will repeat for you!

  2. I have ALWAYS wanted to go here because I love the massive pot collection along the freeway and have always wanted to investigate. (And my pot collection, I mean plant pots) Next time you have a hankerin' to go back, let me know! PS: Did you purchase one of the figurine statues, if you catch my drift?

  3. I'd love to find some deals like those, especially the urn! I think the chip adds character, and there aren't many urns like those in these parts.

  4. Wow, the yuccas are lovely. Thanks for adding "...will revert to its normal yellow and green". I was about to run out of the door to find it, but it doesnt get very cold here.

  5. oh that place looks cool, too bad I'm in SoCal :/ y'know if you really really wanted that chipped could make something decorative and mold it to fit over the corners of the pot with polymer clay. Imagine something similar to a skatestopper -

  6. Good score, Loree. It was "Drake's" 7 Dees for me back in the day. Off Stark Street, NE I think. It might still be there. I can vouch for the Yucca's seasonal color changes but I could never complain about them.

    I'll keep my eyes open for E. rigida.

  7. I am considering a similar ceanothus to replace my long, dead hedge of prostrate rosemary. I hope it is as hardy as the tag says! Always nice to find a new place to shop for plants.

  8. I missed a lot in the last away from the internet, a new header, an anniversary, a contest, a winner. All very nice! Maybe the pug in goggles can make an occasional repeat appearance in a post, he was so good.
    I have for some reason always been suspicious of chain nurseries, but I'm learning never to say never to plants or nurseries. There are gems everywhere. I can't help but be drawn to those big red pots. Maybe if I get my new patio poured I can get myself a present. I am of course a sucker for all the succulents, which I have proven completely inept at overwintering here, so I'll just consider them annuals and load up. Good find.

  9. Jane, I wouldn't remember a name like first light either! It sounds like a church. I am glad to hear you call them beautiful, I couldn't find much on line about them.

    D & N, no religious statuary for the danger garden, that would just be weird. Just between you and me (and everyone reading this) there pot prices are a little high. I think you can do better at Garden Fever.

    Rainforest Gardener, you know I think I hesitate because I used to work at Pier One, years ago. Back then they let employees take home things that were damaged. EVERYTHING I owned was chipped...because of that I just can't do it!

    Evelyn, I guess there are a few advantages to some cool temperatures.

    Mary C, genius! Now I'll be obsessing about it. Maybe a slug crawling over the side of the pot? (gross).

    Grace, I think that one might still be Drakes? I could be wrong but I think maybe they are brothers? Thank you for watching for the E. rigida...I don't understand why they are so hard to find. Maybe I'll strike gold at the HPSO sale in April.

    Karen, there is one I've spied on neighborhood walks that has made it through the last two winters. So...I think you're (and I'm) in luck!

  10. I have promised myself many times to figure out how to get to that nursery...and now you have published the exit number in plain sight. Should boost their customer base...don't know how they ever did any business from that location.


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