Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The Girardin garden; places to play, swim and relax

This stop during the Vancouver BC Study Weekend event felt different from the rest, like the garden was specifically meant to be enjoyed as an extension of the house. I do wish that we'd have been allowed to tour the house as well as the outside areas.

The description: "The garden of  Elise Girardin in North Vancouver sits on the edge of a ravine, under a canopy of Doug Firs. A gem of a garden wrapping around a recently renovated mid-century home. From shady front to a sunny back, it has many interesting plant choices and combinations." (a very understated description!)

Every person I saw respected the "lawn" as a no walking zone and used the curvy border to venture out across the front garden.

The materials met in an artistic fashion.

Another swing that I didn't make use of (there was a similar one in Monday's post).

Walking into the back garden the swing made sense as part of a playtime trend.

Turning to the right...

What a fantastic pool.

With plants surrounding it, of course.

Behind the trampoline was this fun fort/A-frame.

The temptation to play was strong!

The views from the back of the house must be amazing.

In the trees at the back of the property now.

Looks like a nice office/studio going in over-looking the ravine.

It goes down, down, down from there...

Making good use of fallen moss.

Allium seeds

Robinia pseudoacacia Twisty Baby

Magnolia virginiana 'Moonglow'

A different view of the pool and play area.

And the back patio with those huge windows.

A final look back out towards the garden.

The fabulous use of materials continues around this side of the house.

And this garden visit draws to a close...

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  1. Mmmm, that is so lovely. I really like the picture with the steps going up from the pool.

    1. I wanted to walk down to the pool and see the area from that level, but there was someone standing in the way and I didn't have the heart to ask them to move. Looking back I realize I should have!

  2. This is a lovely very relaxed garden with little contrivance. The little pool is beautiful and with the hot summers they are having I bet is a well-loved spot. However, couldn't help thinking that the view from the back of the house across the pool stops at the tramp. Would be nice if it could find another spot but I suspect there are more practical issues with it there.

    1. Good point, at least it's dark so maybe it visually recedes? Plus I imagine it's days are numbered as the kids grow.

  3. If I was to imagine a house for a family in the woods in the Pacific Northwest, it might be this one.

  4. Whenever I read about a garden that "sits on the edge of a ravine" I feel a bit envious. It's getting a head start, a ready made backdrop, to whatever one creates in their garden. I expect there are downsides to it but in my mind, it's perfect.
    Oh, that 'A-frame'... only in my dreams.

    1. I'd never actually thought about what it would be like to garden at the edge of a ravine, but I suppose you are right. There would be a lot of advantages.

  5. Feels like B.C. rainforest. The pool looks so nice, way more stylish than my above ground pool.
    I’d love for you to come by and see my front yard, Loree. My echium “Star of Madeira” has started blooming, and while there are bare ground spots, it’s looking good. I’m working to start my own blog, and can be reached at
    Jim N. Tabor

    1. I am thrilled to learn you're starting a blog and would love to take you up on the invite. I'll reply to your email.

  6. Garden in a forest. It can be done.

    1. A forest in a neighborhood... I should have taken a couple of shots to establish that location is firmly in a residential neighborhood.

  7. I've never thought of fun and peaceful at the same time. This relaxed and beautiful setting immediately made me smile! I know I love this space.

    1. I would have loved to sit down and stay awhile, it's manicured but inviting space for sure.


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