Friday, November 30, 2018

Inside the Amazon Spheres Part Two: the rest of the cool stuff

So while this is the "everything else" part of my Spheres visit it by no means is the leftovers.

I could have stood right here, taking in just this scene for an hour or so, maybe more. They're taking cramscaping to a whole new level...

Bromeliads and Rhipsalis...

Tillandsia and...??? (lots of stuff)

I know this one! Passiflora...

Their Bromeliad collection itself is amazing.

And I always love some mossy logs.

I have no idea what this crazy business is, but it's cool.

Looks perhaps carnivorous, with all that "dew"?

This! You look at it thinking "ah, Maidenhair Fern..." But no. Look at it relative to the Calathea to the right.

And look at it compared to that person behind...

This thing was gigantic, and there were several throughout the Spheres plantings so I kept falling in love over, and over, and over again. Mark from Little Prince of Oregon made noises like it might be available from them, in the not to distant future, but Richie Steffan chimed in to answer my question about hardiness: doesn't look like I'll be growing it outside here anytime soon.

I've got no idea what this beauty is.


I was so absorbed in the ground level plantings that I had to remind myself to look up every once and awhile and notice the trees.

Love this mix, who needs flowers?

More hairy blooms.

Black beauty.

Oh and this! What is it?

The new growth on this tree (?) was especially wonderful.

I'm calling this one lizard fern. Too bad that doesn't turn up any likely results in Google.

Doryopteris pedata, aka hand fern

Medinilla 'Gregori Hambali'

This looks like a cross between a fern and a Quercus dentata 'Pinnatifida', aka cutleaf emperor oak

Alocasia cuprea, yes, it looked like it was cut from metal.

Lycopodium squarrosum, with my friend Erin reminding me not to touch—but it's practically begging to be touched!

I've loved bat flowers (Tacca chantrieri) for years.

This is the first one I've seen in person.

Erin and I both fell hard for these gorgeous silvery grey Bromeliads. Her partner Matt was able to later identify them as Vriesea saundersii.

Aren't they dreamy?

Just a few more images...the "birds nest"...

Crazy cool circular plants.

And a final look up at the sky. what a place! I could live here, and be very happy. For a look back at Part One click here.

Weather Diary, Nov 29: Hi 53, Low 41/ Precip 0

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  1. Wonderful! I should go back through my pictures and put together a post. I remember lots of interesting Begonias, but don't see any here. Maybe they've switched them out? How long were you inside? I think I wandered around for about an hour and a half, while Nigel waited outside playing games on his phone. Amazon employees are very lucky to have this fabulous space for relaxing and holding meetings in.

    1. It seems like we were in there about an hour and half, maybe two. Although she was very patient, I was trying not to bore my friend Erin to tears. Begonias...a quick look at the photos I didn't use shows a few. I just must not have been in a Begonia mood...

  2. Love it! It's such a treat to see so many unusual and cool plants. When you move in, can I drop by and visit from time to time?

  3. If only more companies would invest in spaces like this for their employees and the public! The only thing missing is an on-line resource showing plant IDs accompanied by individual photos. Thanks for the tour!

    1. Yes, there should definitely be a Spheres app!

  4. Plant lust to the nth degree! I, too, wouldn't mind spending a lot of time there!

    1. Well if you ever make it out to Seattle...

  5. I feel like I was right there with you--thanks! That Maidenhair Fern is huge, and so healthy!

  6. I believe that's a silver dollar maidenhair and a crocodile fern. I wasn't able to book a tour when I visited, but it looks beautiful there!

  7. Gray Bromeliads! The design, the combos, the plant health- everything is beyond impressive. Glad you pointed out the scale with that person because it was quite a surprise.

  8. Amazing. It's a jungle in there.

  9. That fern: Microsorum musifolium 'Crocodyllus or Crocodyllus Crocodile Fern. I've seen them sold as houseplants once in a while.


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