Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A quick walk around Lan Su, Portland's Chinese Garden

I recently renewed my membership at Lan Su, Portland's Chinese Garden. When doing so I realized it's been two years since I visited! My last trip there was for the floral design showcase and their Mum-vember celebration back in November of 2016.

The day was a bright and sunny one, it was a pleasure to stroll the garden with such a blue sky.
I wonder of the moss is a result of our rain earlier in the month, or if it's cultivated to be there all the time? I'm not sure I've ever noticed it in high summer.

Thinking back to years where I've seen the bananas wrapped for winter they used to be bigger. I wonder if the old ones were replaced and this is a new planting?

Hard to believe this is right in downtown Portland...

The Daphniphyllum humile is much taller than when I saw it last, but also a little "spindly" — I hope it's doing okay.

Poncirus trifoliata 'Flying Dragon'

Did I mention it was a beautiful sunny day?

Oh my! The Metapanax delavayi has grown too...

I wonder how much pruning is done on this Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica)? I've never seen one so conical.

These Pyrrosia!!! OMG, they are perfection.

And huge! I'm thinking P. sheareri? Which I have, but mine are not this long.

Speaking of huge, their Rhododendron sinogrande has grown significantly as well.

Anemone × hybrida 'Honorine Jobert'

This garden was where I first fell for 'Honorine Jobert'.

Thanks to my blogging friend Jennifer I now have my own plant.

Another plant friend which I must visit here, the Cutleaf Emperor Oak — Quercus dentata 'Pinnatifida', it too has grown quite a bit since I last saw it.

It's form is just as awkward as my plant's.

This formerly gorgeous Edgeworthia seems to be sick, and I couldn't even find the orange blooming one on the other side of the garden. It may have been there and just blocked by a group of school children who were touring. I will look again the next time I'm there, in Mum-vember.

The persimmon was happy though, so much fruit!

And the camo-barked Pinus bungeana (lacebark pine) was looking fine...

Weather Diary, Oct 15: Hi 75, Low 40/ Precip 0

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  1. Many similarities with the Chinese garden in South Seattle. Obviously. The windows in the garden rooms frame the outside view in a unique and beautiful way.
    The bark of the lacebark pine is divine!

    1. I guess I need to re-visit the South Seattle garden, the last time I was there it was still under construction and not really even a garden.

  2. You had me at bright and sunny. Good to see this garden again as it's been four years since i ws there in person. Plants do tend to grow. Love the bark of Pinus bungeana!

    1. My membership is +1, so let me know if you ever what to revisit!

  3. Absence makes the plants grow larger, and the heart...well, you know.

    1. The lucky plants at least. The other ones, well, you know.

  4. This is one of my favorite places that I have visited in Portland.

    1. You should be sure to checkout this event:

  5. Freak for flowers and color that I may be, I do enjoy a good Chinese garden and this one is just wonderful.

    1. It is pretty fabulous, but your right, a real lack of flowers.

  6. Your Chinese garden has much more interesting plants than our Chinese garden (at the Huntington). Perhaps the Huntington will get more exotic with the plantings once the buildings are finally done.

    I think you are as happy to get a sunny day at this time of year as we in SoCal are to get a rainy one.

    1. "I think you are as happy to get a sunny day at this time of year as we in SoCal are to get a rainy one." No doubt about it!


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