Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Support Your Independent Nursery Month…gets personal with plant lust!

For the last installment of this month long independent nursery celebration I wanted to post about something near and dear, my business*, plant lust. Supporting great independent nurseries is what we're is all about and without them we wouldn’t exist… plant lust connects gardeners to the nurseries that have the plants they’re lusting after.
Our mission for plant lust is two-fold; we provide gardeners with a simple but comprehensive plant guide, while also providing a platform for the nursery industry to showcase their plants. For small (and large) independent nurseries plant lust offers a free, interactive platform to get the word out about the plants they offer.
Gardeners can search our database for just about anything: specific plant names, plant types, garden conditions, leaf and flower color, and get detailed, rich results from multiple nurseries and multiple photos of each plant from gardeners around the world. And we’ve got many exciting developments in the works; including wish-lists where gardeners can track plants they are lusting after and place mail-orders with multiple nurseries from a single location. We hope to inspire the next generation of gardeners who may not even know yet how much they are going to love gardening. One of the best ways to insure continued success for independent nurseries is to increase the number people gardening! If you visited plant lust back when we first launched and thought it was just a NW regional thing, well it’s not, nurseries from all over the country are signing up to contribute. We’ve also had people email us with the name of their favorite nursery and say we should contact them about joining, so here’s your chance…what favorite independent nursery of yours should be on plant lust? Leave a comment with the nursery name and the person I should contact (if you know it) and I’ll try and get them on board. Our world is getting very small, in a good way. Your favorite nursery can become the much loved source of unusual plants for someone tucked away in small town USA without their own independent nursery to support.

And thank you again to Pam, at Digging, for the call to blog in support our independent nurseries!

(*yikes!...I got so excited writing about plant lust that I forgot to include the names of the brains behind the idea Megan Hansen, and the one who actually populates the site with all the nursery data Patricia Cunningham! Sorry ladies!)


  1. I was just there on plant lust a few days ago, checking out plants for my new gravel garden (which is still just an idea in my head). I like it much better than a lot of other plant sites that allow you to search for plants according to certain criteria. So often I come up with nothing or very little when I put in my specifications, but on plant lust I got a huge long lovely list of plants!

    I didn't realize I could make a wish list. I need to explore the site more. Thanks for all your hard work on it!

  2. Oops! Just re-read your post and realized the wish list is a feature still in the works. Looking forward to that!

  3. Flora Grubb (San Francisco, CA) and Annies Annuals (Richmond, CA)and Berkeley Horticultural Society ? (Berkeley, CA)

  4. Very cool, Loree! I haven't been on the Plant Lust website in a while, and it's looking great. Sounds like a winning concept. Thanks again for posting this month with me!

  5. Love the concept Loree, and the website is slick ! I would suggest Digging Dog in Norcal ; they are primarily mail order and they have a wonderful selection of grasses, Salvias, and much more. Kudos to you..

  6. What a great concept Loree, good luck and may it continue to grow :)

  7. I love it! Every time I wander onto PL, I'm astounded at just HOW GOOD it is...seriously...puts so many other similar sites to shame. Not only is it full of important info that many sites gloss over, but it's attractive as well. I look forward to the day it can be my "one-stop-shop" :-)

  8. Alison, and I re-read my post and realized I seemed to take all the credit for plant lust...yikes! I'm only a very small part of it, my partners Megan and Patricia are the real force behind plant lust.

    Anon, thanks for the list! (and Annie's Annuals is already a plant lust contributor, we were very excited to have them!).

    Pam, thank you for the inspiration. Perhaps we'll have to do it again next year?

    ks, check...Digging Dog on the list, thank you!

    Mark and Gaz, thanks! Maybe someday we'll expand to your part of the world!

    scott, thank you! And with the addition of your photo(s ?) it's even better!!

  9. I would like to nominate Colvos Creek Nursery, Vashon Island, WA for inclusion on PlantLust. Owner Mike Lee is a great guy and they have such a wide range of interesting and hard-to-find plants.

    Many thanks for the blog post on our nursery last week. We feel honored to be listed on PlantLust.

    Ian @ The Desert Northwest

  10. The site is so clean and elegant...ilust.


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