Monday, November 21, 2011

Finally, inspiration hits...

Thank god succulents are tough! These poor cuttings have just been laying here, untouched, since I cut them on November 3rd, I couldn't decide what to do with them. They were rescued from certain death so that I would be able to plant them in the ground again next spring. I just want them to live, not necessarily flourish, over the winter. I thought about using them, along with my Aeonium schwarzkopf and Graptoveria cuttings, to make a succulent wreath, I hear they are “all the rage” with the cool kids. But where to put it? No good place, so the Aeonium and Graptoveria were easily potted up and nestled in with the basement crowd. But there were too many of these cuttings, I didn’t have the room for the same treatment.

Then it occurred to me…our empty and gloomy bedroom window sills could use a little perking up! And I had just the small container collection that would fit. Presto! Instant succulent interest… Instead of looking out at grey skies and our garage roof, now our eyes rest on a little jungle of succulents. They’ll get whatever natural light we’ve got to give over the next 5 or 6 months, and I’ll get to open my eyes every morning and look at the sky, with a horizon of Senecio, Sedum robotinctum, Kalanchoe NOID and (what I think is) an Aeonium. Much better than leaving them to turn to mush outside. And doing a little "indoor gardening" like this is just the kind of thing that gets me through the winter months.


  1. Brilliant idea. I've started to line a few window sills, too. Some of mine are balanced a bit precariously :-).

    :: Bamboo and More ::

  2. Beautiful! Colorful little pots too. Great to bring those inside and they are less trouble than typical houseplants.

  3. Lovely! Those little orange and cream pots are perfect with your other furnishings.

    This kind of attractive solution makes those of us in newer houses miss their old sash windows.

  4. Hahah.. I know the feeling. Just yesterday I was cleaning up the "production" side of my backyard insanity, chopping things back, etc when I found a couple interesting succulents still holding on. Better then mush I say, in you go, another plant on a window sill :) No plant left behind!

  5. Perfect for you and the plants!

  6. Funny, but I do the same thing! Those really brighten up the window view, not to mention they go with the cool paitned wall inside! Bravo...

  7. I have them lining my bedroom window too! But you are right succulent wreathes are soo the rage !!

  8. Brilliant idea Loree, instant indoor garden! We've been using our window sills too to overwinter some succulents (some actually never made it outside last summer). Those succulents will be rooted and more settled by next year, ready for a great display in the summer when they get planted out :)

  9. Deb, thank you!

    Gerhard, funny you say that I have been watching a couple of stems that seem to be a little top heavy (at least until they root), hoping they don't topple over, especially in the night!

    Shirley, so true...maybe water them once a month, turn them is they start to grow a little lop-sided and that's it!

    MulchMaid, just think about the peeling caulking and broken sash cords...that should have you appreciating your newer windows...yes?

    Nat, "no plant left behind"...I wish I would have thought of that!

    Darla, I worry the plants would like it a little warmer.

    DD, I bet your house has got nice deep window ledges?

    Louis, and I do love wreaths!

    Mark and Gaz, I do love having the window open when weather permits, fresh air is the best, but since that won't be happening for several months these can stay put. Are you able to open your windows with the plants in place?

  10. I potted up many cuttings last year, and after a stint outside they are looking good and filling up every windowsill I can find. I'm going to have to start giving them away, though...we can't take another year of this.

  11. Great use of extra cuttings that will definitely reward you in the spring!

  12. Great result!

    I really ike your photo with the window (that Would you mind if I use it on my site as a part of background ?
    Wouldn't be offensive to ask if you can send me the original size to the glebkudr at ? I need only the part of the photo with the window itself on the wide background so need the big size to crop the other parts.

    I am a plant grower myself and promise it wouldn't be used in printed media or something like that. I have some photos to exchange ( &not only there ). It mainly orchids but i also has some cactuses, nice rebutia and echinopsis in bloom :)


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