Friday, May 6, 2011

What the?

What are they? Seeing these from the distance for a moment my heart stopped. Big purple succulents! Are they hardy? Oh…they’re “just” Sempervivum, but that means they are hardy (for me). Quite the statement makers aren’t they?


  1. Lovely plants. There is a bit of snobbery about semps, people thinking they are not worthy of a place in they dry beds. But personally I think there are some amazing varieties. Plus as you say it is great not to have to worry about hardiness.

  2. nice find, and yes, they look like non-hardy stuff, because of their size. where did you get these?

  3. Good work

    I wish you happiness

  4. I don't get that "just" semp stuff either. Plant politics like that we don't need. Love your big purple semps!

  5. Spiky O, what's not to love right? They are so easy going!

    Ryan, they came from Means Nursery. Have you been? When you go to Joy Creek they are a must stop. Right on HW 30 where you turn to go to Joy Creek. They have a lot of fluff but always have a couple of good deals too.

    thank you...(I have no idea how to type your name!)

    Denise, yes! Even where you can grow the "cooler" stuff you get their appeal too!

  6. AnonymousMay 06, 2011

    Oh, Means, huh? I still want to go there. Love the purple succulents. You choice of container is pretty awesome too.

  7. Sheesh! I just don't understand plant snobbery. If you like a plant and you like growing the plant, then why the heck shouldn't you grow it?

    I remember hearing a speaker at the NWFGS say that clipped box hedges were a no-no. Why? If she didn't like them, that's her issue.

    Love the semps!

  8. I love Semps and add a few every year. The snails don't like them , and coolest of all I can put them in the ground.No greenhouse shuffle for these dudes. I salute yours !

  9. Semps ROCK! Semp snobs do not. I can't believe how huge those are!

  10. Grace, oh you have to! When you visit Cistus and Joy Creek it's a must see.

    Thanks Dustin!

    Van, I have to admit I can be a bit of a garden snob at time. My husband could tell you stories of the not so nice things I say sometimes, usually about a not tended yard though, rather than a specific plant.

    ks, yes! You hit on all of their positives. Plus they multiply nicely too.

    Megan, I know! I should have bought a couple more.

  11. Oh people are so silly.

    I miss my hens and chicks. Such reliable performers, cute, contained, colorful. Maybe they are too perfect, in that you don't need to fuss over and coddle them.

    The contempt of the common is just SILLY.

  12. In the chartreuse container, the WOW factor is really something!


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