Saturday, March 5, 2011

A thank you to a past gardener...

Thank you for planting the Camellia right next to the kitchen window. How could you have known that it would grow to perfectly frame the window where I drink my morning coffee while reading my favorite garden blogs? And how did you manage to position it so that the first blooms to open are always the ones peeking in the window? Thank you.


  1. What a nice thing to see every morning. Kudos to the former gardener.

  2. How nice of that gardener! We also have two camellias in front of a window so we can enjoy them. Although they cover the wndow a bit, I appreciate the green privacy and the gorgeous blooms in late winter.

  3. that's a sweet way to think about plants.

  4. Grace, I wish I knew who planted it. Someone who gardened here had a serious affinity for pink! Pink Rhodies, Pink Camellia, Pink Hyacinths, Pink Azalea....sound familiar?

    MulchMaid, my husband things ours is covering the window too much. He sent me a picture of Edward Scissorhands the other day...

    Laguna, I've gotten rid of so much that past gardeners had planted here I felt like I owed them a thank you for this one.

    Evelyn, yep!


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