Friday, December 31, 2010

WWTT #10

I think this is WWTT #10, somewhere along the line I kind of lost track. For me this garden is the very definition of someone cutting loose and going with their vision (there is a vision here, I am sure of it), as crazy as it may be (and yes this one is crazy, certifiably). Gardening as they want to and not caring what the neighbors think (and my god what must they think?). That’s why I chose to use it as my New Years Eve post…after all what is a better goal for the New Year than to be true to yourself? Even if it leaves others wondering "what were they thinking?" I hope you enjoy. I took these pictures a few weeks ago, when the autumn leaves were still falling. The garden with the fiery tree isn’t the one we are visiting; it’s the one just beyond. We’ll start with the parking strip.
And it’s recycled grave sticks (or whatever they are). I have to believe it has something to do with keeping the evil spirits away.
And back to the front of the house.
This is the owl circle.
And here is the frog and duck circle.
If my memory serves the yellow accents were starting to fade and recently received a coat of paint. That must have taken awhile.
So… Happy New Year, go forth and garden with wild abandon in 2011! (just don't move next door to me okay?)


  1. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that the parking strip area looks better in the growing season. Right now it looks like a mess. Everything else actually looks like its cared for even if I can't appreciate the style. I love the new trend in DIY garden art with found objects but this one doesn't quite resonate with me. Although I would NEVER paint my rocks, that was my favorite part of this garden.

  2. Wow.Brings a whole new meaning to the term hell strip. Wow.

  3. Wow... as, um, amazing as your WWTT posts always are, this one takes the cake. What indeed? Like you say, I appreciate their enthusiasm, but I would be building a GIANT privacy fence if they were next door.

  4. I actually like it, not that I would want to live next door, but at least they take an interest in their garden/yard. It is much better that a boring flat expanse of lawn and green moustache foundation.

    Happy New Year to you!

  5. Hmm... what to think. Well to each his own. I'd love to meet the owner of this. Happy New Year, Loree.

  6. This puts 'year around interest' on a whole new level.

  7. i love it! it's hard to find such authenticity of expression like this anymore! the use of bright butter yellow nails it!

  8. Wow.

    Quite possibly the most amazing garden I have EVER seen.

    A for effort, F for aesthetics, and Z for not being somewhere I can walk past daily!

  9. Ryan, your benefit of the doubt may be misplaced...I don't remember it looking much different.

    ks, ha! You are right.

    Greensparrow, I think being across the street might make the need even greater.

    Les, yes this is the spirit I was embracing.

    Alison, huh?

    Grace, happy new year to you!

    Darla, great point!

    janine, authenticity of expression is a perfect description.

    MulchMaid, ever? Wow...happy I could share it.

  10. Whatever else one may think, that is a carefully curated landscape.

    Points for all the hand-painted elements.

  11. How could you walk by and NOT take photos? Now THAT is a quirky landscape. Yep, I'm stickin' with that word. Quirky.

    You find the best stuff!


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