Monday, July 5, 2010

Pick me I’m free

I saw the sign from down the street…”Pick me I’m free” in bright red letters. It was only as I got closer that I could read the fine print “of fertilizers, pesticides and otherwise”
I wonder what the otherwise is? I couldn’t help thinking that since it’s in a parking strip it’s probably not free from dog pee. I’ve seen doggies in action!
Still, there were some lovely ripe strawberries and bountiful fresh mint. What a nice gardener to encourage passer bys to pick and enjoy.
And continuing a theme I started last Friday here is another instance of someone doing strange things to yuccas….a bit further up the street I encountered this yucca on display. It had either been very very bad and was in a prison of is a favored specimen given top notch real estate. What do you think?


  1. Perhaps they got tired of getting poked while mowing and thus created a safety zone. Does look rather lonely. Maybe they plan on a series of large, scattered squares, each with a single yucca, in hopes of garnering a future WWTT!

  2. Naughty yucca! The dramatic tale of the dry-climate succulent, rying to make it in a Big City jungle garden.
    Your pics are all from the same bright red and glowing green palate.
    But I think the real notice in the lovely "Pick Me I'm Free" sign is in the small print: Free of pesticides etc. Maybe you can have the mint, but don't eat my strawberries!

  3. OMG, I would not have even thought of the dog pee thing. I think the prison yucca was set up that way for mowing purposes...and brings back bad memories of mowing lawn as a child. Matti

  4. Definitely having a time out! Lol!

  5. I planted herbs on our parking strip but would never eat them: I've seen doggies in action, too!

    The yucca needs some friends. Maybe they could do a checkerboard of grass and yucca squares. Of course, it would complicate the mowing, like your previous WWTT with curvy grass islands.

  6. That's so sweet! Poor Yucca. All alone like a freak. At least they could have given it some ground cover friends.

  7. you certainly have an eye for finding all these strange garden sightings!

  8. That property looks to be design-challenged in more ways than one. What amazes me is that they have a yucca at all. They need your help! I would love to see what you would do to integrate poor, isolated yucca into a grand design scheme.

  9. AnonymousJuly 06, 2010

    How funny. Don't you just love people's interpretations of "landscaping"? I'm with Ricki. We should undertake a joint kidnapping, you and Sean Hogan and let the two of you do your stuff. What a difference you could make. Bye, bye turfgrass.

    Dog pee and car exhaust, what a combo!

  10. RBell, uhm...perhaps you are on to something there. I'll have to check back periodically!

    Weeping Sore, (interesting name...), naughty yucca! Oh I am going to have to name one of my yuccas that!

    Matti, dogs are able to find food to spray like a moth to flame (or something like that). Sorry to being back bad memories!

    Laura, spoken like a mom for sure.

    MulchMaid, that checker board would be COOL!

    Megan, you are right, ground cover friends would have made all the difference.

    Nicole, maybe it's just that Portland is kind of weird.

    ricki, at least it's a yucca not a rosebush. I will grant them that.

    grace, oh boy...I didn't even think about the car exhaust. Yuck.


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