Thursday, July 29, 2010

An afternoon in my garden

My in-laws visited back in June and as they were leaving my mother in-law asked that I take a few garden pictures and email them to her, so she could share with her friends. Not that the garden is “all that,” but it certainly is a different style than most of the gardens found in her home town of Truth or Consequences, NM (although what I wouldn’t give to have their agaves!).

I like the idea that I captured a specific moment in the garden (July 13th at around 4:30 to be exact), plus most of these show a much wider view than the pictures I normally take. Only the back garden is shown; the front garden is still growing into its design, but I do find that I like it better and better every day, so that’s good. These pictures are loosely arranged as though you were walking into and through the garden, I hope you are able to get that feeling. You start out entering and looking to the left...And straight ahead.The view to the right.
Painting will happen before another summer. I am so sick of the peeling white paint. I think I will use that excuse to rework this area. As it was one of the first areas I planted and one of my least favorite now.
The planting area in front of the neighbors garage.
Turning around and looking back towards the entrance (out of frame, on the left) and our garage, along with the huge and out of control hydrangea. Close-up of the hostas next to the hydrangea monster.
Behind the garage.
The stock-tank pond and very happy tree fern (not yet a tree, but it does have a 12" trunk!).
Standing down on the patio looking back at the pond.
Now straight on at the shade pavilion.
And to the right.
And back to the left (is all this turning about making you dizzy?).
Back up on the lawn in front of the hydrangea looking down on the patio.
Over a few steps and looking towards the shade pavilion.
And down at the planting area at my feet.
Same planting area on the right, looking at the north end of the patio.
And at the corner of the same planting area. It has really filled in since I planted it in March. See pictures from then right here.
Standing on the patio looking at the NE corner. Behind the big rhododendron.
Close up of the containers.
The NW corner.
And turning to look back toward the shade pavilion (south).
Under the shade pavilion looking back toward the patio and lawn.
And a final shot of the containers in the SE corner.
Now if I could just have you pull up a chair at the table while I pour you a cool beverage your visit would be complete!


  1. Oh, but it's lovely.

    I envy your 'out of control' BLUE hydrangea and you tree fern. Sweet, sweet greenery.

    And the whole effect is very put together, a treat to the eye.


  2. Where did you get your garden furniture? I really like that clean lined wood.

  3. Thanks for the tour! It was fun... I've seen so many little tiny bits of your garden, it was cool to put them all together... it looks lovely. I love the contrast of the lushness and all the spiny danger. I also want your patio. And most of your containers.

  4. appears that your time away from the office has allowed you to procure many more plants! Hopefully you don't break anything this year because I don't know if I can haul all those down to the basement! Seriously though - it looks GREAT! Can't wait to see it in person!!

  5. Jenn, thank you! And the furniture came from IKEA. It was a summer staple for them 3 years running. Until this summer when they changed their inventory. Or at least they did here in Portland, but our IKEA is lame. Maybe others still carried it?

    Greensparrow, thanks! I need reminding that our Oregon lushness is special. I am lucky that I can have both the lush and the spiky danger!

    D+N, I have no idea what you are talking about! (hush hush...I'm, not sure the OM has noticed). No plans to break anything, and I am still feeling indebted to you for the last go-round. I'm glad that you'll be able to take me up on the offer of pulling up a chair, even though it is you who will be mixing the beverages.

  6. AnonymousJuly 29, 2010

    What is that large containerized bromeliad all the way in the corner?

  7. Your garden IS all that, Loree. And Greensparrow is right that your climate allows you a unique combination of lush and spiky. I love it.

    I've noticed that whenever you show your patio it is wet. Does it really rain every day, or is that from watering? And do you carry all those pots inside in winter? I'm curious how you "run" your garden. Different climates require different strategies, don't they?

  8. ok it all makes sense now!

    Previously I'd only seen picks of your main backyard area and some of the front - I was wondering where the hell all those plants you were splurging on where going!

  9. That is a monster Hydrangea - have never seen one that big! You have such beautiful garden beds and potted collections. It all looks so wonderful.

  10. Wholly sh*t! Your garden is huge and beautiful! Ours is just a little patch of crap compared to your sweet space. I would love to have a cool, adult beverage out there. Ponds and pavilions! Damn. It's really cool to see your whole space. Very impressive.

  11. Wow! It's so...organized! How do you keep all the walkways so neat and clean?
    I get leaves, limbs, and dead stuff falling out of the trees all the time.
    Your garden needs to be in a magazine.
    Totally cool! I like your style. The plant combos rock!!!

    David (Tropical Texana)

  12. Now that looks like a really first rate place to spend and afternoon..though I don't see the cold beers on the table--that seems like a possible problem

  13. Really like your containers. Your photos and garden are magazine worthy.

  14. I'm so glad your MIL asked for photos. Love the changes in level and the shade pavilion, and the sense of spaciousness. Very cool. Mr. Ripple will love his new digs -- he should be arriving today or tomorrow.

  15. Anon, I believe it is a Vriesea imperialis, or Imperial Bromeliad.

    Pam, not every time is it wet! I had just finished watering, and did hose off the patio (runoff waters the plants at the north end) and faced with waiting for it to dry to take pics or doing it while it was still wet I chose not to wait. During the dry season (which we are currently in) it hardly ever rains. I can't even remember the last time we had rain. Maybe the weekend of the 4th? July and August, even September can be very very dry. As for the pots, some stay in place, some go under the shade pavilion and some (the tenders) move under grow-lights in the basement. It's about 1/3 each.

    Mary C, funny! See I've got scads of room left tp plant in, right?

    RBell, thank you! Funny thing that hydrangea was about 1/2 that size (or maybe even less) after I trimmed it back in early spring. It's gone crazy.

    Megan, well consider yourself (and Matti) invited fr a beverage, should you ever find yourselves in Portland, and thank you. Although I really would love to spend time kicked back in your succulent paradise!

    Thanks David, I really don't have many trees to drop stuff, and I had just tidied up knowing I would be taking pictures. Bamboo leaves are my current nemesis. Earlier in the year it's droppings from the Fir trees ...everywhere!

    ks, damn, I knew I forgot something! Would margaritas be acceptable?

  16. Donna, (sorry I missed you - you commented while I was replying to the others)...thank you! I appreciate the compliments!

    Denise, he arrived today!!!! I was just going to email you. Thank you! He is quite the little looker and indeed very different from Mr Wavy. I hope he will be happy here.

  17. Amazing combination of fabulous plantings and spaces for the eye to rest. Your garden is truly beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

  18. Wow! I loved the tour! Thank you for sharing! I must say the tangerine-y red pots are fabulous! And that agave with the black edging, well I still have feeling for that one! You have a wonderful space! Every corner has something truly amazing. I'm starting to sound gushy, and I haven't even told you how awesome your ponds are!

  19. I would like to spend the afternoon in your Garden !

  20. I loved the tour, thanks. I'll take that drink now.

  21. Man oh man you have some lovelies here! Your least favorite area I adore, what is the variegated grass? I would love to have that in my gardens!!

  22. I shared this on my facebook group:

    " Her landscape design is sleek, modern and exciting, with a focus on unusual plants. She masterfully juxtaposes the dramatic plants against finer foliage, and ties it all together with a framework of crisp right angles and modern structure. Even the most varied collection looks orderly and restrained. How is this woman not a landscape architect?"

    By the way, the broms look great! They must be getting some more sun over there because the coloration is really striking now. Keep up the great work.

  23. We owe thanks to your mother-in-law for prompting this super tour. It's all been a word: WOW!

  24. Wow, I just discovered your blog thanks to Mr. Subjunctive at Plants are the Strangest People. I live in the Phoenix Area and I'm jealous of all the green plants you are growing and growing so well! I guess no matter where we live we are never satisfied with what we can grow!

  25. Peter, hey there, thank you!

    Laura, thank you for the gushy...and I think you should definitely put that agave on your list!

    Delphine, if you're ever in Portland...

    Les, coming right up!

    Darla, it's Hakonechloa, about the easiest grass in the world to grow.

    RFG, OMG! Can I hire you to be my publicist? Thank you for the kind words and the facebook link!

    Thanks ricki!

    Nancy, your right about the "grass being greener" I love the things you can grow in Phoenix area (my brother lives there so I visit as often as possible). Thanks for stopping by!

  26. Everything looks fabulous, as I fully expected it would. I see that Echium wildpretii peeking out of that new planting area, don't I? I'm sure you know this already, but have you noticed how cool that plant feels? A fellow garden fanatic recently described it as being "like velcro" and now I can't get the comparison out of my head.

  27. Megan, I have noticed how cool it feels, after-all I must touch everything! I like the velcro description, it's good!

  28. Patricia C, Portland ORAugust 03, 2010

    You're definitely not an ADD gardener. Lovely.


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