Thursday, October 22, 2009

Then and now, the back garden

On to the back garden, that’s the entrance above. Not a very glamorous entry with the chain link gate, I am hoping for a custom metal gate, someday. In the mean time this one keeps Lila contained and safe. What I do like about this entrance is the way the paver path takes your eye around the huge hydrangea and hints that something more is around the corner. I plan to add a swanky focal point straight ahead, where there is now only the green shrub/bush/tree and the neighbor’s grey garage…but that is waiting until after we paint, in 2010 (hopefully).

Okay, rounding the hydrangea and looking straight to the back of our property…picture taken May of 2005 before the house was ours. Our backyard is two levels. There is the upper yard next to the house, and the lower yard which you are looking at here.
August of 2005…shortly before our neighbor cut down the wall of laurel and built an ugly fence.
August of 2006…our attempts to hide the fence, and the house behind it, with bamboo.
July 2007, about a month before we started working on the patio.
2008 would be here, if I had pictures.
And just a few days ago…in 2009, on a cloudy rainy fall Portland day.


  1. You're right, that is a very effective trick to show the path trailing off to the left so you know there's something waiting over there. It's funny, because it looks so perfect now, but it looked pretty good along the way too. Makes me wonder what else you'll have up your sleeve as years go by.

  2. 22, 2009

    what a transformation... inspiring! ...does Lila approve?

  3. Gorgeous, Loree. What you've done is very inspirational. BTW, are those gigantic trees in the first picture redwoods?

  4. Hi DG~~ I had to enlarge the 2009 photo and swoon and wipe drool from my chin. This is fabulous!! The plants you've chosen as enclosures are so full and lush. I'm drawing a blank on that tall, large leafed beauty on the far left. Is it a fig? Love the blood grass in containers and the tall acanthus flower. More photos please, before winter takes it all away. Dormant, I mean. Not, like...permanently. God forbid.

  5. Megan, I would like to say that I planned it that way but it wouldn't be true. The path went in because we had extra slabs from the patio and I was sick of the path we were wearing in the grass. Plus you can walk on it w/o getting your feet dirty/wet!

    linda, no, I am afraid Lila would rather there was no gate...she wants to run free!

    Pam, the trees are Doug Firs, the Oregon State tree! They are even on our license plates!

    Grace, thank you, I think the tree you ask about is our Magnolia macrophylla, Clifford. God forbid, I agree. I'll try to get more pictures, although it's looking different now since I took in several of the agaves for the winter...too much rain!

  6. I love what you've done to mitigate the lost laurel hedge here: you and I agree about the fast and effective privacy and coverage bamboo gives.

    One thing I've noticed in all your then and now photo series is a quantum leap in growth the third year. It's not just because you lost the 2008 pics: in my garden, too, it seems that plants just have a third-year fullness and growth point that somehow pulls it all together.

    I've loved this series. It's just so inspiring!

  7. Wow what a difference!! I love it! I really like the square pavers area. I have a few squares of concrete that I've dug out of the front yard that would look nice like that.


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