Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I haven’t kept my Caladium lust a secret. Back in mid-May I planted bulbs…and they did nothing. So when I saw plants at a great price I bought a couple figuring that I’d toss the bulbs and use the pots for something else. Then I discovered the bulbs were starting to root, so I didn’t toss them out but rather planted them in the ground, around the garden, and promptly forgot about them.
It seems the temperatures this last couple of weeks have kicked a little life into those bulbs and now I’ve got 6 little plants coming up. The coloring is spectacular! What a pleasant summer surprise. Another exciting development…my Colocasia Gigantea is already developing a second plant, how thrilling! I’ve planted it in a pot until we get the stock-tank-pond thing going, its future home is somewhere near the pond, I never expected that it would spread so fast!
Well the joke is on me because it isn’t, it’s another Caladium bulb! How the heck…I swear I didn’t put that bulb in there!!! I think someone is playing tricks on me!


  1. The caladiums here are so pretty. I like the first one... the veins in deep pink is really showy. There is a caladium plant that grows voluntarily in my garden too ;-)

  2. Those caladiums are wonderful colors. I love that kind of garden surprise, too. And just at the right time, when the early summer flowers are fading, here they come to color up your garden again. How very obliging of them!

  3. Funny. I fell for it too, at first I was thinking - damn, why does everybody's colocasia grow better than mine! But a caladiam, it's so cute next to the colocasia, like a little dwarf. I love the green and white caladium. And I guess the new growth you're getting can be be the silver lining in this dumb weather.

  4. Stephanie, I do wonder how long I will like them, vibrant leaves like this are kind of a mood thing for me....for now I am loving them!

    Jane, you are so right...now if only everything could be that obliging...

    Megan, I bought the mixed-bag of colors so I was really happy to see that I've got some white ones too. They just shine at night.


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