Thursday, March 26, 2009

Phoenix Art Museum

As you may guess, when I travel taking pictures of the plants is a priority. On my first visit to the Phoenix Art Museum I was in awe of the landscaped courtyard. The space was so clean and simple with straight lines, interesting textures and the plants were just perfect. The bright Phoenix light, so different from what we get in Portland, really alters the way your eye takes in the colors.

The Phoenix Art Museum opened in 1959 and unveiled an expansion by Tod Williams/Billie Tsien & Associates of New York (the same architects that originally designed the building) in 2006. Visit it! The collections, traveling exhibits, building, and landscaping are all super. And, much to my husband’s surprise the restaurant is really quite good too, unlike many museum restaurants.

These pictures are from before the expansion – if my memory serves the courtyard was reworked and, to my way of seeing things, lost a little of its magic. Such is the way of progress sometimes…

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