Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New additions to the danger garden

I am so excited about my plant purchases of last weekend. I seem to have been on a Xera plants kick as there were a disproportionate amount of their tags in my cart. Perhaps I am going to have to figure out how to get into their wholesale greenhouse in Tualatin…anyone out there with special privileges?

Pictured above is Dyckia platyphylla it’s borderline hardy here at best, but I will gladly protect it in the wintertime. So symmetrical and those ridges on the underside of the leaves are beautiful!

In order below are: Agave gentry 'Jaws' is another addition to my collection of cold hardy agave. Last year I purchased an Agave montana 'Baccarat' and it survived last winter, in the ground, only protected during the coldest of days. I hope the gentry ‘Jaws’ is up to the challenge.

A purchase that was actually on my list (which is more surprising? That I have a list, that I manage to actually purchase plants on the list, or that most of what I bought wasn’t on the list?) Callistemon 'Woodlander's Hardy Red' – I am SO excited about this plant. It’s the hardiest of the red flowered bottlebrush and being evergreen looks great during all seasons. Also on the list was Hibiscus syriacus Rose of Sharon – red heart, this one will be put in the place of a couple of cordy’s that collapsed over the winter. It was a sentimental choice, as the first house we lived in after moving to P-town had one growing next to the drive. Yes, there is even room for sentimentality in the danger garden.

So those are the highlights – I also picked up a few white Lupines (seems I never find the white ones), lavender, Nicotiana sylvestris, and another horsetail rush. Next big shopping adventure (mark your calendars if you live in Portland) will be the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon sale the weekend of April 11 & 12….


  1. Thanks to your comment yesterday, I found your blog, and I am just so taken with it! What great plants, what a great dog. I get tips like what agaves will live in the ground in Portland, and to get back out to Hughes water garden? That just makes my day. So glad to find this and add it to my reader!

  2. Thanks Megan, I feel the same about your blog. Our paths cross a lot (based on what I have seen you photograph) so I'll see ya at a nursery sometime soon I'm sure. We'll probably both be reaching for the same plant...so if some lady is fighting you for the last agave, it's probably me!


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